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Fundación Santillana Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes



Mater Dolorosa. The Concept of Spain in the 19th century

José Álvarez Junco

In this work, José Álvarez Junco analyzes the process through which Spanish identity was built over the course of the 19th century, when the concept of Spain was consolidated with the call to the "War of Independence".

The Hero and The Only One

Rafael Argullol

The author plunges into the brilliant conceptual world of Romanticism, concentrating on an essential element of the Romantic conception of man: the relationship between the hero and the tragic horizon that reveals itself as its fundament.

Dictionary of the Arts

Félix de Azúa

Under the guise of a dictionary, Azúa has written an introduction to the general problem of the arts today. As he says in his prologue, the form of a dictionary allows the reader an anarchy in its reading that is very appropriate to the subject it deals with.

Public Virtues

Victoria Camps

The book  is a reflection about the values upon which our communal life must settle in contrast to the apathy and self-complacency that both freedoms and increased wellbeing tend to generate. 

Franco’s Church

Julián Casanova

The Spanish Catholic Church, having greeted the arrival of the Republic as an authentic tragedy, rushed to support the military uprising of June 1936. It never hesitated. It was doing what was necessary, confronting anarchy, socialism and the secular Republic. All...

The Democratic Fundamentalism

Juan Luis Cebrián

The author draws attention to the totalitarian, authoritarian and demagogic trends of a large part of powers on today's world. This essay also deals with the perverse consequences for our society, full of relinquishments and disappointments.

The Open Vision: From the Grail Legend to Surrealism

Victoria Cirlot

The Grail legend gives name to this book, which deals with the possibilities of a perception that goes beyond the physical world. The hidden and the invisible are objects of the imaginative faculty that, in the Middle Ages, was understood to be a God-given visionary...

Ethics of Cordial Reason. Educating in Civic Values in the 21st Century

Adela Cortina

This book proposes a new foundation for true ethics of citizenship, based not only on arguments, but also on cordial reason, capable of uniting intelligence, feelings and courage, so as to have the moral values take root in our fellow citizens.
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