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I Love, therefore I Exist

Manuel Cruz

How did the great thinkers love? The Stoics with patience, the Vitalists with enthusiasm, the Nihilists with pessimism. For a philosopher, love is as enthralling or as painful as for the rest of us mortals.

Plato's eroticism, Saint Augustine's lechery, Spinoza's frustration, Abelard and Eloise's passion, or the strange relation maintained by Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir all have contributed to give structure to our concept of love.

I Love, therefore I Exist brings us close to the way of love of those who intensely dedicated themselves to thinking of how to love and be loved. In his writing, the philosopher Manuel Cruz examines in depth the life and the ideas of some of the most important thinkers of Western culture.

Translated by Gabriel S. Baum

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Amo, luego existo (2010)
Manuel Cruz

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Manuel Cruz

(Barcelona) is a professor of Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Barcelona. He has been a visiting professor at various European and American universities, as well as a research fellow at the CSIC Institute of Philosophy (Madrid). He has written more than twenty books and edited some fifteen collective volumes. Noteworthy among his most recent works are Las malas pasadas del pasado (2005, Anagrama Essay Award), Siempre me sacan en página par (2007), Acerca de la dificultad de vivir juntos (2007), Cómo hacer cosas con recuerdos (2007), Filosofía de la Historia (2008), Menú degustación (2009) and Amo, luego existo (2010, Espasa Essay Award). He has directed various collections of thought and is on the writing board of many journals in his field, both in Spain and abroad. He writes for the Spanish and Argentinian press on a regular basis and collaborates with the SER radio station.


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